hide folder using cmd command

How to Hide a Folder Securely in Windows 10 Using CMD

hide folder using cmd command

Data privacy is the biggest concern among all the ages of users when it comes to Windows Operating System and especially when a single PC is going to use by multiple users then data privacy has become a nightmare for the users. Deletion of the data from your jealous colleagues is something very least you can expect and it is the easiest way to make trouble for you. Sometimes your files contain confidential data that you don’t like to share with someone and want to hide from your colleagues as well.

Therefore, in order to save your private and confidential data, I’m going to share a simple CMD command that you most probably don’t know. This is my favorite command that I’ve been using for the last 12 years on XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and now on Windows 10.

hide folder using cmd command 2

As an example, I’m going to hide a folder named Geeky-Portal in my E drive. First of all, open the Command Prompt and go to E drive by typing the command below:

hide folder using cmd command 3

Now to hide the folder Geeky-Portal uses the command below:

ATTRIB +H +S Geeky-Portal
hide folder using cmd command 4

Bingo! And folder is hidden.

hide folder using cmd command 5

In order to unhide the folder, use the same above command, but replace the – with +. The command is:

ATTRIB -H -S Geeky-Portal
hide folder using cmd command 6

The best thing about this trick is that the folder that you hide would not appear in search results even if you check the option to search the hidden files too. Unique and uncommon name of the folder will make this trick more secure. Hopefully you liked this post, keep visiting us and follow us on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter for more useful tips and tricks.