Destiny 2 Elemental Burn

How to Check Your Currently Active Elemental Burn in Destiny 2

If you’re new to Destiny 2, then it’s likely that you’re not familiar with Elemental Burns. They can be a really important part of your success in the game, so knowing how to check if they are currently active is crucial. This blog post will teach you about what an elemental burn does and how to find out which one is currently active in the game!

What is Elemental Burns?

Elemental burns are elemental modifiers that can be attached to weapons and armor. They offer a variety of bonuses, such as increased damage against certain enemies or the ability to give you an overshield in addition to your regular shield when they are active. Each element has its own burn which is identified by one symbol on the weapon icon. If a weapon has the burning symbol, then that means it is currently active.

Elemental burns can be swapped out at any time by visiting an Eververse Trading Company vendor and purchasing any new one you want to use. This will replace whatever burn was in your current slot with the new one! You’ll see which elemental burn is available.

How to Check Your Currently Active Elemental Burn is in Destiny 2?

There are three types of elemental burn in Destiny 2: Arc, Solar, and Void which correspond with the elements you’ll find as enemy modifiers on Strikes each week. Each day there will be one active element so it’s up to you whether you want a chance at hitting that type of modifier or going for something else.

How do I know which elemental burn is the current active one? Well, if you go to the strikes directory screen and look at the bottom left corner of it, there should be a weekly singe. All you need to do is to match your weekly singe.

If this is an arc or solar then that would mean we are currently experiencing these elements on our journey in Destiny 2. But what about when we have void elementals? Luckily for us, their damage type will also change as well so all you need to do is match your weapons with whichever daily modifier that corresponds with whatever week’s modifiers happen to be active!

We have also shared a YouTube video below so you can check what is your current active elemental burn status in Destiny 2. It is very easy and straightforward.

So now you know what an elemental burn is and how to find out which one is currently active in the game. This should help you be more successful while playing Destiny 2! If not, we have plenty of other blog posts that may provide helpful tips on different aspects of the game.