Subnautica Crafting Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Subnautica Crafting

Subnautica is a game about exploration and survival in an alien underwater environment. In the course of exploring, you will find many different resources to craft with. This article will give you a comprehensive list of all the crafting recipes in Subnautica. We will explore Crafting Recipes for Primary Supplies, Superior Supplies, Electronics, Gear, and Instruments as well as Deployables and Modification Station Recipes!

Subnautica’s crafting system is a great way to get creative while exploring the depths of uncharted territory. With such an improbable spectrum for making new things, it can be tough to keep track of recipes and even find them in the first place!

Subnautica has a variety of crafting recipes for just about anything you will need on your journey and this article will provide you with all that information!

The Subnautica Crafting System has a variety of crafting recipes for just about anything we may need on our journey and this article will provide you with all that information!

What is Subnautica Crafting?

The Subnautica Crafting System is an important process of combining resources to create new or improved items that can be used in various parts of your journey. The crafting system is an important part of Subnautica, as it allows you to make and modify tools for exploring more efficiently, produce food that will allow you to survive longer underwater without the need for oxygen, or even create weapons to defend yourself from the creatures lurking in the depths.

It’s always important to know how things work. The Fabricator, a crucial device in the game that allows you to craft different items such as food and tools. It’s best if we start with how to make one yourself first though! To create it, take Titanium mixed with Gold plus Desk Coral Pattern (a Builder), then turning into an actual Fabricator which will help you craft other things like Meals or Tools.

Fabricator Recipes

There are many recipes you will see in this article that can only be crafted at the Fabricator. The Fabricator is the go-to crafting station for making some of your favorite gadgets. Let’s get started with these recipes!

Keep in mind that the Fabricator can be used to prepare dinner meals. So long as you might have an Uncooked Meals pattern with you, you should use the Fabricator to prepare dinner with it. Alternatively, you can even prepare dinner for the Meals in the event you kill an animal utilizing a Thermoblade.

With Thermoblade, you can cook meals quicker than ever before! You just need to salvage the meat off of a carcass with your knife and then it’s ready. If there’s salt in your inventory too, no problem–you can solve that by using one from ours at the Fabricator. if necessary you will have an opportunity to fix your Meal in case there is a salt deposit nearby with the Fabricator.

Primary Supplies

These are the primary gadgets you’ll need to survive in any situation.

TitaniumMetallic Salvage
Titanium IngotTitanium x10
Fiber MeshCreepvine Pattern x2
Silicon RubberCreepvine Seed Cluster X2
GlassQuartz x2
BleachSalt Deposit + Widespread Coral Pattern
LubricantCreepvine Seed Cluster x2
MagnesiumSalt Deposit x3
Enameled GlassStalker Tooth + Glass
Plasteel IngotTitanium Ingot + Lithium

Superior Supplies

Here are the extra superior supplies that you can use time to time.

Artificial FibersBenzene + Fiber Mesh
UraniumUraninite Crystal x3
BenzeneBlood Oil x3
AerogelRuby + Gel Sack
PolyanilineGold + Hydrochloric Acid


When you’re deep below the ocean’s surface, electronics might be your ticket to survival. Let’s take a look at how to craft them!

Copper WireCopper Ore x2
BatteryAcid Mushroom x2 + Copper Ore
PowercellBattery x2 + Silicon Rubber
Pc ChipDesk Coral Pattern x2 + Silver Ore + Quartz
Wiring PackageSilver Ore x2
Superior Wiring PackageGold x2 + Pc Chip
Reactor rodUranium + Lead + Titanium


You need to make sure that you have all the right instruments to survive in tough situations.

ScannerTitanium x2 + Battery
WelderMagnesium + Crash Powder + Titanium
FlashlightBattery + Glass
Survival KnifeTitanium + Silicon Rubber
Dive ReelCreepvine Pattern x5 + Titanium
Air BladderSilicon Rubber x2 + Airsack
FlareCrash Powder
Habitat BuilderPc Chip + Battery
Laser CutterBattery + Diamond + Titanium
Stasis RifleSuperior Wiring Package + Battery + Titanium
TerraformerSuperior Wiring Package + Battery
Propulsion CannonSuperior Wiring Package + Battery + Titanium
LightstickBattery + Titanium + Glass


These are the gear items that you can use and craft.

O2 TankTitanium x4 + Glass
FinsSilicon Rubber x2
Radiation Go well withFiber Mesh x2 + Lead x2
Nonetheless Go well withFiber Mesh x2 + Silver Ore x2
First Assist PackageBleach + Fiber Mesh
RebreatherWiring Package + Fiber Mesh
PipeTitanium x3
CompassMagnetite + Pc Chip
ThermometerPc Chip
Excessive Capability O2 TankO2 Tank + Lithium x4
Swim Cost FinsFins + Polyaniline + Wiring Package
Extremely-Glide FinsFins + Titanium + Lithium + Silicone Rubber x2


All these things can be used on a floor. They can serve many different purposes, and some of them can be used to craft or make new things.

Sea GlideBattery + Lubricant + Copper Wire + Titanium
Cellular Car BayTitanium Ingot + Lubricant + Energy Cell
BeaconCopper Wire + Titanium
Present GeneratorBattery + Lubricant + Titanium
Water Proof LockerTitanium x3
GravsphereBattery x2 + Battery + Copper Wire

Modification Station Recipes

The Modification Station can be utilized to construct a good quantity of stuff. It may be positioned in any of your cellular bases so it’s good to have that when on the transfer.

The Modification Station lets you create a variety of things. It’s important to know that building is key in crafting these items so if you don’t have any builders yet then it’s time to get out there and start digging for them because soon enough we’ll be on our way up!

Hardened BladeSurvival Knife + Diamond
ThermobladeSurvival Knife + Battery
Plasteel TankO2 Tank + Lithium
Excessive Capability TankO2 Tank + Titanium x2
Extremely Glide FinsFins + Silicone Rubber x2
Swim Cost FinsFins + Wiring Package
Repulsion CannonPropulsion Cannon + Pc chip
Extremely Hull Reinforcement ModuleCyclops Strain Compensator + Plasteel Ingot x10 + Aluminium Oxide Crystal
Strain Compensator MK2Seamoth Strain Compensator + Plasteel Ingot x2 + Aluminium Oxide Crystal + Pc Chip
Strain Compensator MK3Seamoth Strain Compensator MK2 + Plasteel Ingot x3, Aluminium Oxide Crystal + Pc Chip
Lithium Ion BatteryBattery + Lithium

Habitat Builder Recipes

The Habitat Builder is the key to your survival, so make sure you use it wisely. Not only does this tool allow you to craft all sorts of things like a Seamoth Modification System with Solar Panels attached for easy crafting and power production, but its resourceful construction makes use of wiring package materials that can be difficult to find elsewhere. To create one yourself just take Wiring Package, PC Chip, Fabricator, and Battery into any fabricator on The Island or in an underwater base constructed from Cyclops parts. Once built simply go about making stuff using these recipes.

Compartments Inside the Builder

These recipes are the perfect additions to your Builder.

HatchTitanium x2 + Glass
I HallTitanium x2
L HallTitanium x2
T HallTitanium x2
X HallTitanium x2
WindowGlass x2
ReinforcementLithium + Titanium x2
BasisTitanium x4
LadderTitanium x2
I Glass HallGlass x2
L Glass HallGlass x2
Multi Objective RoomTitanium x6
Vertical ConnectorTitanium x2
BulkheadTitanium x2 + Silicon Rubber x2
Alien ContainmentTitanium + Glass x4
Water Filtration MachineTitanium x2
ObservatoryEnameled Glass x3
Moon PoolTitanium Ingot x4 + Lubricant x4 + Superior Wiring Package
Scanner RoomEnameled Glass + Titanium x3 + Pc Chip x2
Seamoth Modification StationTitanium x2 + Glass + Pc Chip x2
Dwelling WallTitanium


These upgrades will add a whole new dimension to your builder and make it more awesome!

Photo voltaic PanelTitanium x2 + Quartz x2
BiOreactorTitanium x4 + Lubricant
Energy TransmitterGold + Titanium
Nuclear ReactorTitanium Ingot x2 + Lead x3 + Lubricant
Thermal PlantTitanium Ingot + Magnetite x2 + Lubricant

Home Equipment

These upgrades will be the icing on the cake, and permit you to craft a slew of devices.

Communications RelayTitanium x2
AquariumTitanium x2 + Glass
FabricatorTitanium x2 + Wiring Package + Pc Chip
LockerTitanium x2 + Glass
Wall LockerTitanium x2 + Quartz
Signal Copper WireCopper Wire
Medical Package FabricatorTitanium x5 + Quartz x5
Image BodyCopper Wire
Modification StationTitanium x2 + Wiring Package + Pc Chip
Battery ChargerTitanium x2 + Glass + Copper Wire + Pc Chip
Plant PotTitanium
Indoor GrowbedTitanium x2
Energy Cell ChargerTitanium x2 + Glass + Copper Wire + Pc chip
Fragment AnalyzerTitanium x2 + Wiring Package + Pc Chip
Flood MildTitanium x2 + Glass
Specimen AnalyzerTitanium x2 + Wiring Package + Pc Chip


Here are some random recipes that you can add into you builder.

Trash CansTitanium x2
Merchandising MachineTitanium x2 + Glass
Lab Trash CanTitanium x2
Bar deskTitanium + Glass
Lab CounterTitanium x2
MattressTitanium x3

Cellular Car Builder Recipes

The Cellular Car Bay is a deployable piece you’ll be able to use in your builds. It can create anything from powerful tanks, battle cars and motorcycles for an apocalyptic scenario!

SeamothTitanium Ingot x 1 + Energy Cell x 1 + Glass x2 + Lubricant x1
CyclopsPlasteel Ingot x 5 + Enameled Glass x5 + Superior Wiring Package x1 + Lubricant x 2

Seamoth Modification System Upgrades

The Modification System of your Seamoth will give you the ability to craft new gadgets that will enhance its functionality.

StrainCompensator Mark 1 Pc Chip + Plasteel Ingot
Energy Effectivity ModulePc Chip
Seamoth Photo voltaic ChargerTitanium + Quartz + Pc chip
Storage ModuleTitanium x3
Seamoth Perimeter Protection SystemSuperior Wiring Package
Torpedo SystemMagnetite + Pc Chip
Seamoth SonarSuperior Wiring Package
Hull ReinforcementTitanium x2
Exosuit Thermal ReactorTitanium + Magnetite + Superior Wiring Package
Exosuit Drill ArmTitanium x2 + Pc Chip
Exosuit Leap Jet ImproveAluminum Oxide Crystal + Plasteel Ingot
Propulsion Cannon for ExosuitTitanium x3 + Pc Chip
Seamoth Vortex TorpedoTitanium x2
Seamoth Fuel TorpedoTitanium x2 + Fuel Pod x2

If you are a fan of survival games like Subnautica, this article is for you. It provides detailed crafting recipes and will help guide your in-game decisions as to what resources to collect based on the type of items you want to craft! We hope this list has been helpful and we encourage our readers who enjoy playing Subnautica or other similar games to share with us their own favorite game so that we can provide them with more awesome content just like this!